Hounslow Adult & Community Learning Tutor Induction & Handbook

Contained within this resource are the things all tutors must know to do their jobs effectively.

All new tutors must complete the Induction as soon as they are given a teaching contract. You should first look at the Induction Overview and decide the video in the Overview section. The contents will help you decide what you feel you need to know first. When you looked at and understood the contents of each of the three main sections, go to the Induction Tracker section and complete the relevant tracker.These are simple survey type tools.

The three main sections of the Induction / Handbook are:

  • Delivering Your Course.
  • Your Employment.
  • The Service.

The Learning Journal is there to provide you will a reflective space to record things you feel that are important to you.

Managers need to know if you have completed and understood the tutor Induction. To facilitate this you are asked to complete the three Induction Trackers - see below. They are basically survey documents..