Learners%20in%20classroom.jpgWelcome to this on stop shop for Digital Learning 

Click on the 'What is Digital Learning' icon below for an explanation of the terminology.

There are seven Portal areas. These are illustrated below.

Please  make use of the Tutor Forum below to discuss anything linked to the delivery of learning using Digital Learning approaches. 


This part of the Portal hosts any important news about Digital Learning across the Service. It is also a Discussion Forum. A place to share ideas about all things linked to learning supported by digital technology and software. Have your say.

This section contains information about training opportunities for tutors to develop their e-learning and ICT for teaching skills during 2015 /16.

This is where you can get help with things like:

  • computers that do not work
  • slow or no internet connectivity
  • peripherals such as printers that are not performing as they should.

This section contains ideas about developing learning materials and resources, where resource exist and the contact details of people who can offer support.

This location will help tutors identify tools that can / should (depending on the type of course) be used to establish learners' starting points and support needs.


 This area provides information about the development and use of on-line course evaluations and other learner feedback.

This section contains information about all things related to using ICT to enable both Formative and Summative assessment. 

 This part of the portal exists to illustrate different ideas about teaching using the internet, computers and other digital devices.